Your Online Work From Home Business Success In Our Alchemic World

STEP 2.2
Economics of Abundance

Your online work from home business success depends on how well you apply the concepts of 'free enterprise', 'free trade', 'free exchange of information', and 'free leadership' to your own online business.

We discussed these four concepts in STEP 2.1.

OK, you say. But what can I learn from these four concepts of 'free enterprise', 'free trade', 'free exchange of information', and 'free leadership' for my own online work from home business success?

Good question!

Your Capacity to Build Wealth

Your capacity to build wealth and work from home business success as an online business owner in the 21st century is directly related to:

1) The way you specialize yourself, make better use of your working hours (the concept of 'free enterprise').

2) The number of people you are willing to share your products or services with (the concept of 'free trade').

3) How well and how fast you know how to communicate through today's instantaneous global communication system, the Internet (the concept
of 'free exchange of information').

4) How well you are in helping other people adding value to society and contributing to the betterment of the world (the concept of 'free leadership').

Unlimited Wealth

Today, we know that there is no limit to the amount of available wealth you and I can create.

New economic theory tells us that we're never running out of anything.

What matters most is not the physical resources you have available in your small online business (for example the working hours (time) you have available as an online businessperson), but it's the technology that counts.

"Traditional economic theory is based on scarcity. New economic theory is based on abundance"
- Paul Zane Pilzer -

In other words, it's how you apply your human ingenuity, your human mind and creativity to your physical resources that literally creates your business resources and your wealth.

So, your ability to leverage your time by improving your productivity, is the key to your wealth and online work from home business success.

The Economics Of Abundance Will Help You In Analyzing Your Business Home Making Money Opportunity

If You Want To Earn Extra Money At Home Using The Internet, You Have To Play By The New Rules of Alchemy

Six Laws of Economic Alchemy

Economic alchemy is a totally different story. The economics of abundance rests on six crucial principles of alchemic thinking.

I want to give you a quick understanding of these six laws of new economic theory. It will help you in analyzing your online work from home business success.

And as you study these six principles one by one, keep this question in mind: How can I see this principle, this law, operating in my own personal and professional life?

Law 1: The Economics of Abundance, Creativity, Innovation, And Your Online Money Business Opportunities


Law 2: Work From Home Online Business Opportunity. It's No Accident.


Law 3: The Secret To Increase Your Wealth For Your Online Home Money Making Business Opportunities


Law 4: Make Good Money From Your Home Money Business Making Opportunity


Law 5: Create An Ongoing Online Earn Extra Income Opportunity


Law 6: Turnkey Internet Business Opportunities


Advance To STEP 2.3

These six principles explain our alchemic world and new eYouconomy. It is important for your wealth and online work from home business success that you understand them, live them.

Therefore, it is necessary to define your personal alchemical life, your personal economic wellness and abundance.

This is the topic of STEP 2.3.

The purpose of STEP 2.3 is to tell you about "your economy", apply the concepts of unlimited wealth and alchemic thinking and new economic theory to you, your life and your online work from home business success.

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